Do's & Don'ts when using a Hot Tub

To ensure the safe and enjoyable use of the Hot Tub we ask you to read and follow the guidance of this safety document before use

  • Pregnant women & people with heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure or any serious illness should not use the Hot Tub without taking medical advice.
  • People with skin or other infections, open sores or wounds should not use the Hot Tub.
  • Please ensure that everyone showers both before & after using the Hot tub.
  • Swimwear must be worn by everyone using the Hot Tub.
  • All our Hot Tubs are set at 37 degrees C, you are advised to limit any one period in the Hot Tub to 15 minutes.
  • Do not use the Hot Tub when you have consumed alcohol, eaten a heavy meal or used narcotics or other drugs.
  • No food or alcohol should be consumed whilst you are in the Hot Tub.
  • Do not immerse your head or drink the water in the Hot Tub.
  • Please ensure that children are never left unattended whilst in the Hot Tub.
  • Do not take any sharp objects either near or into the Hot Tub.
  • Do not use any electrical appliances either near or in the Hot Tub.
  • Please make sure that no soaps, bubble baths, oils etc. are put in the Hot Tub or fake tans used whilst bathing.
  • Take care when leaving the Hot Tub as areas may have become slippery.
  • When not in use always replace the Hot Tub cover.
  • Please do not sit on the cover, any damage will be charged for.
  • If the water becomes discoloured or more water has been added please stop using the Hot Tub and refer to the Chemical Kit instructions provided.

Above all - enjoy!

If you are unsure about any of the above please call 01597 810 909 and ask for advice.


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