Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer all your questions here, but if we have missed anything please give us a call on 01597 810 909 or email

  • How long can I hire a Hot Tub for?

You can hire one for a weekend( Friday to Monday) or a week (Friday to Friday).  If you would like one for a different period please do get in touch.

  • What about electricity & a water supply?

You need to supply a nearby tap with hose and access to a standard electrical socket (13 Amp)

  • Where can the Hot Tub be located?

We need a level area to put the Hot Tub on; this can be paving, concrete or decking.  The Hot Tub can be put on grass but this must be reasonably level.  The tub is heavy when filled with water so it will make a mark on your lawn.

  • How is the water kept clean & clear?

Chemicals will be added to the Hot Tub when we deliver & set it up.  You will then be supplied with instructions on how to add more if needed during your hire.

  • Are the Hot Tubs safe?
All of our Hot Tubs are RCD protected to ensure that they are electrically safe.  We only use high quality Hot Tubs that are very safe & reliable.
  • How long does it take to fill the Hot Tub with water?

This will depend on your water supply but roughly one hour.

  • Do I need to empty the Hot Tub when I have finished with it?

No, we will drain it when we come to collect it at the end of your hire.

  • Can the Hot Tub be used in the winter?

Our Hot Tubs are great to use all the year round and can be supplied with a gazebo in case the weather is wet.